The five inherent non-financial motivating forces that, when woven together, create the unique identity of Settlers Hospitality.

Our operation is based on a belief system that holding true to our values in the short run will result in the efficient achievement of our operational and financial goals in the long run.

HHistoric Preservation – Take action to restore and preserve our community’s historic real estate treasures and take responsibility to sustain their survival looking forward.

 EEat, Sleep, Play  – Serve basic needs with a non-negotiable passion.  From food and drink that simply looks and tastes more delicious than expected to a blissful and romantic environment filled with optional experiences in nature, history, wellness, and leisure pursuits that promote rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.
 L Leadership in Our Communities – Because our businesses are the economic anchors of our community, we insist that our leadership team are active champions of responsible change in our community.
 PProfessional Service  – At every property, guests will perceive and receive a superlative value for the lodging, dining and life experience that they have trusted us to provide, regardless of the price and formality of the individual venue.
SSustainable Practices – Work with a conscious and intentional bias towards sustainable practices in all aspects of our business.

Our Mission, Values and Operating Principals  HELPS US PRACTICE Our HOSPITALITY