Our 10 Operating Principles for delivering the unique brand of Settlers Hospitality

U – Uniformity   While our brand is a composite of many hospitality businesses, there are “common threads” that are uniform throughout our businesses. These threads are woven from the individual strands of a quality product and professional service delivery.
S – STAGE   Always Be “On Stage” – Regardless of position, whenever in line of sight or sound of a guest or visitor of any kind, we are “on stage” and our role is to assist the guest as their personal concierge. This is demonstrated by our appearance, our attitude and our responsibility to get them the result they need with no excuses.
P – PARTNERS   Respect Our Business Partners – Understanding what makes our business partners successful is the key to a mutually beneficial relationship. Treating our counterparts as partners, not “vendors”, is the subtle difference that will create long term loyalty. Once we have understood their goals and how we fit into them, then we can make them understand how to do the same for us.
R – RIGHT FOOT   Never Fail Our First Impression – Our first impression is defined by our “1st 10 feet, 1st 10 words, first 10 seconds”. In that brief time period we convey a sincere and hospitable welcome to every guest.
A – AUTHENTICITY   Provide Authentic Experiences – In hospitality, it is not cliche to “Say what you mean, do what you say, and mean what you do”.  We market an authentic experience to our guests that is more unique than the commoditized hotel and restaurant offerings that are so prolific in the industry. While it is difficult to deliver, authenticity is something that you can not fake and on which you cannot compromise. It is our differentiator. We must own our shortcomings and celebrate our successes in delivering the experiences we offer to our clients.
C – COMMUNITY   Incorporate Our Community in Our Business – Participating in every aspect of our local community. From hosting non-profits and community festivals to maintaining leadership roles in philanthropic events to supporting families when they need us most, we believe that community participation is part of our identity and one of the key reasons why our guests identify with us when staying here.
T – TEAM   Invest in Our Team – We provide true, year round career and professional opportunities. We commit to our people through training, team building, recognition awards, performance and spot bonuses, profit sharing, benefits and perks that match large hospitality companies, while fostering a work environment based in mutual respect and offering support during tough times.
I – IDENTITY   Build and Protect Our Brand and Reputation – Building and Protecting our in person and online reputation.
C – Create and Maintain a “Sense of Place”   In every one of our businesses we are creating and maintaining a design with a specific concept in mind (Arts and Crafts, Industrial Contemporary, Vintage Lake). Without exception we respect the environmental components and historic architecture and legacy of each setting that hosts one of our business concepts. Once developed, we are responsible for the stewardship of that setting, including not only the physical maintenance of the real estate and business assets charged to us but also the integrity of the design of our business concepts.
E – EXPERIENCES   Provide a Complete Experience for Our Guest. While our core businesses are Lodging and Food & Beverage, those experiences alone do not complete today’s guest’s experiences. Helping our guests fulfill their experience in a way that aligns their lifestyle with our local community offerings is the finishing touch. Life experiences – from fitness and wellness to shopping and local activities and excursions – combine with our core businesses to become the element that differentiates us from our competition.

Our Mission, Values and Operating Principals  HELPS US PRACTICE Our HOSPITALITY